Author: Lili Kramer

Exercises That You Can Do Outside The Gym

To live that active and fitness life does not mean that you have to live in the gym. Equipment is not the only way to achieve what you are looking for an exercise. There are so many possibilities that you can do whenever you are bored with the air-conditioned room and want to have some fresh air.


running girlNo matter how advanced technology gets, the treadmill can never compare with actual running that will give you more challenges. From the surrounding situations that you have to face to avoid falling and running people over, to the harsh climate that can be very hot in summer or very cold in the winter. Though this exercise is not for everyone, you should give it a try because running is one of the cheapest workouts that you can do because you do not have to pay any amount of money to run in the area and work every muscle that you have from head to toe.

Rock Climbing

Beginners might find rock climbing as intimidating, but the truth is not every activity will be extreme like the one that you sees on the television. There are smaller obstacles and rocks that you can climb to practice. Lifting the weight of your body and supporting it with your hands and legs above the ground is an all-in exercise that will make you sore for the next three days. A lot of celebrities in Hollywood loves this activity because you burn a whole lot of calories even in the shortest session because of how intense the sport is.


wandererIf you love outdoor but running or climbing rocks are not your thing, then you might love hiking where you are not rushed to finish but it is still challenging enough that you will regret your decision to hike that day when you reach your limit. Carrying heavy stuff and going up the hill can burn your heart pretty fast, so you should not underestimate this activity at all and know what you are signing up for before you join the hike.

Cardio at The Park

Many cardio moves do not require a gym because you can practically do it anywhere you want as long as it is appropriate to do so. Jumping jacks, scissors, mountain climb, crunch, and many others are just a few names of abs and full body workouts that you can do at the park. All you need is to bring a bottle of water and some friends if you do not want to be alone and start doing your reps.…

Environment – why it is necessary to have fresh air

Environmentalists have always encouraged people to make the air clean. Governments also keep encouraging practices that make the air cleaner. This is because they understand the dangers that communities are exposed to when they breathe contaminated air. Smoke from factories and engines, waste from households and businesses, and human action are just some of the factors that have led to dirty air.

The worst part of it is that it has led to the deaths of many people. Some of those close to the people who have lost because of this do not even know that is because of the air around them. Therefore, you should join every effort being made to clean the air. The following are some of the facts you should know about the environment – why it is necessary to breath fresh air.

Clean air is healthy for the lungs

fdgdfgdfgfdgdfgfghfghThe lungs are the entry point of air into the body. It is cleaned through a membrane where oxygen is allowed in, and bad air expelled. This means that if there are dirt particles in the air that we breathe, they will be deposited in the lungs. Things such as dust, smoke, pollen, and many others can become too dangerous after some time. If they are not reacting with the walls of the lungs to cause infections, they will block air from entering. This results in conditions such as difficulty in breathing, endless coughs, and other pulmonary infections. Worse cases will lead to lung cancer too.

It strengthens the immune system

When bad air is kept away, the immune system is made better. The immune system is the one that is responsible for fighting intruders that are likely to cause diseases. It fights bacteria, viruses, and many other agents of disease. However, there are times when it gets overwhelmed, and therefore, it becomes weak. When it is weak, you will be in danger of being attacked by deadly diseases. However, the good air that you breathe can help to rejuvenate it. This is the reason people who are terminally ill are usually put on oxygen machines to help them boost their chances of recovery.

It improves the heart rate and blood pressure

xcgfdgfdgdfrewrwerwerewrIf you have been experiencing a bad heart rate or abnormal blood pressure, it could just be because of the air that you breathe. Your flow of blood depends on the air that you breathe because it is the one that transports oxygen to various body organs. When the blood is deprived of oxygen, there is no doubt that your heart will beat abnormally, and pressure will go out the limits. When you start experiencing such programs, you may want to check the quality of air in your house, your office, or any other place that you frequent.

Making air cleaner is not a difficult task. Just start by taking the good of the environment around you. Keep it clean, plant trees, and make the world beautiful. You may want to also improve air inside buildings by buying an air purifier or just using an HVAC system that is better than what you have.…

How To Get Lighter Skin

If you’re wondering how to get lighter skin, there are many ways that you can do so. In this article, we will talk about some of the most well-known methods for getting lighter skin. The most common sense to lightening your skin is by avoiding exposure to the sun.

Other than this, here are other methods for you if you’re asking how to get lighter skin.

Skin whitening creams

Easily, the most common method for whiter skin is by applying skin whitening creams. While it’s not clear what are the active ingredients in skin whitening creams, it’s safe to assume that these products do have an effect on the skin. Otherwise, the companies that make them would be bankrupt by now.


Make sure you’re using a skin whitening product that has 2% Hydroquinone or less. Keep in mind that this ingredient has adverse effects. So, do you Want to Anal Bleach? The Asshole Beaching Guide 2016 will provide you with a lot of useful information regarding the best whitening cream.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant that has the good side effect of whitening your skin. So, you need to eat more Vitamin C-rich foods. You could also use mega dose on supplements. However, make sure you take sodium ascorbate, not ascorbic acid, so you don’t upset your digestive tract.

Also, take supplements that are highly absorbable by the body. Vitamin tablets are only good when the body easily absorbs them to your own system.


Glutathione is a substance that is produced naturally by the liver, although it’s also naturally found in food. Glutathione has different applications in medicine. It’s used to treating a host of diseases like eye disease, cancer, among others. One side effect of taking glutathione is whitening of the skin.

Before you take glutathione supplements for whitening, make sure to visit your doctor especially if you’re taking medicines for some pre-existing condition. Use reduced strength glutathione antioxidant supplements. A bottle costs between $20 to $40 per bottle on Amazon.

Aside from the products mentioned above, there are some things you can do that will lead to fairer skin. This include:

  • Wearing sunscreen even when you’re not going out in the sun. Sunscreen can lighten freckles and also keeps your skin from getting darker.
  • Bathing using Epsom salts
  • Putting cucumber slices on your eyes when doing face mask.

gddhg64For some reason, people associate fair skin with beauty, although it’s not always the case – there are countless of dark women out there who are very beautiful. But you really can’t stop people from searching for solutions on how to get lighter skin.

If you’re one of those people who want fair skin, follow the tips we outlined above. A word of warning, however: your body needs sunlight to be healthy and to produce Vitamin D. That said, some amount of sunlight is inevitable. But if you don’t mind taking Vitamin D supplements in lieu of sunlight, you can also do that.

Other than concerns for Vitamin D, however, having lighter skin, especially when it is unnaturally achieved, can be dangerous. Your skin could become more photosensitive and leave you more prone to skin cancer.…

Health benefits of visiting a spa

Life, in general, has become increasingly tiresome and stressful and with this more people are falling victim to this unavoidable circumstance that comes with being part of the human race. There is, however, a way to ensure that your body doesn’t give into the stresses of life, spa visits. There a plethora of advantages of taking that afternoon off and visiting a spa and it surely beats booking an appointment with your doctor instead. Let’s dive right into it and discover the top four health benefits of visiting a spa and what it means for your health and general good-being.

Advantages of visiting a spa

Amazing way to de-stress and relax

The environment is just right, no unnecessary noise; your phone is off, friendly peomsldvmlsdmvlsmdvmdvlmsldvmlsdmvsdvsdvsdvple at your beck and call. Total bliss away from the hustle and bustle of whatever you have been going through. This kind of relaxation is recommended by doctors every once in a while to blow off some steam and the bigger picture being that serious health complications such as high blood pressure and some chronic heart diseases are kept at bay.

Flawless glowing skin

You barely have time for yourself; waking up at dawn and going back home in the wee hours of the night. This kind of work regime is bound to take a toll on your sleep patterns, eating habits among other things that you need to have good skin with no rashes or that is acne prone. Well, a spa visit offers treatments (variety of masks and laser treatments) that ensure you radiate good health and your skin will thank you for staying beautiful as long as you make it a habit and make sure you chose the right treatment for your type of skin.

Joints that are in tip-top shape

Whether its muscle injuries or just muscle tightness, painful joints can be quite uncomfortable and a hindrance to normal day to day activities that are necessary like walking for instance. There are modern day methods that are employed in spas all over the world where a qualified practitioner takes care of your joints and helps your muscles recover and helps you get that much-needed relaxation. People who suffer from joint-related illnesses like arthritis can also really benefit from visiting spa’s and getting certain treatments.

Better quality of sleep

Sleep my seem like a luxury to sommlsdmldsmvsldvmlsvmlsmvlmvvsdvsdve who cannot remember the last time they slept through the night without waking up not rested in between the evening or struggling to sleep. A day at the spa is an answered prayer for this sought of people as you are assured relaxation through a spa treatment like a massage, and you will sleep through the night like a baby and wake up rested.…


With most of us leading mostly quiet lives, whether, at home or work, it is crucial that you find the time to get enough exercise and physical activity to keep you healthy and fresh. If hitting the gym is not your preferred option, whether because you don’t have the time to fit regular exercise into your schedule or you can’t afford expensive fitness programs and trainers, here’s some good new – there are plenty of games and sports that can keep you fit and slim, and all you’ll need is a backyard or a nearby park, and a few simple props.

Backyard games to keep you fit


Ultimate frisbeelmalsmvlmsclamcmcslacmlascascascasc

This is one of the most popular social games and recreational sports. All you need is a single Frisbee disc and enough people to form two teams. Teams can be as large as desired, with 5 – 10 members in each team being the optimal number. The object of the game is to advance down the field by throwing the Frisbee further down to your teammates. You can’t run with the Frisbee, and once someone catches it in the opposing team’s zone, that player’s team receives a point. This dynamic backyard game can help you burn around 60 calories in 6 minutes, and it significantly improves hand-eye coordination skills.

Horseshoe toss

This simple backyard game involves throwing a horseshoe or a similarly shaped object around a metal spike or a pole that is sticking out of the ground. Many rules and variations of this game exist, but the primary objective is always to toss as many horseshoes around the pole as possible. If you want to play this game with your children, it might be a good idea to make lightweight horseshoes (out of PVC or aluminum). An average person will burn 200 calories for each hour of playing this sport.

Backyard bowling

This is one of the simplest recreational activities you can organize in your backyard. All you need is some empty plastic bottles, fill them with tap water and put the caps on. Set them up on a lane like in a bowling alley and start bowling!


This fun game was invented in Germany in the 14th century. The object is to throw a bag of corn into a hole placed at the farthest end of a raised board. Each time your bag goes through the hole in the board, you get 3 points. You also can earn 1 point by simply tossing your bag anywhere on the raised board. An average person can burn up to 180 calories an hour by playing this game. One more advantage of this game is that you don’t need other people to play it – if you happen to be alone, you can still have fun while burning calories.