With most of us leading mostly quiet lives, whether, at home or work, it is crucial that you find the time to get enough exercise and physical activity to keep you healthy and fresh. If hitting the gym is not your preferred option, whether because you don’t have the time to fit regular exercise into your schedule or you can’t afford expensive fitness programs and trainers, here’s some good new – there are plenty of games and sports that can keep you fit and slim, and all you’ll need is a backyard or a nearby park, and a few simple props.

Backyard games to keep you fit


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This is one of the most popular social games and recreational sports. All you need is a single Frisbee disc and enough people to form two teams. Teams can be as large as desired, with 5 – 10 members in each team being the optimal number. The object of the game is to advance down the field by throwing the Frisbee further down to your teammates. You can’t run with the Frisbee, and once someone catches it in the opposing team’s zone, that player’s team receives a point. This dynamic backyard game can help you burn around 60 calories in 6 minutes, and it significantly improves hand-eye coordination skills.

Horseshoe toss

This simple backyard game involves throwing a horseshoe or a similarly shaped object around a metal spike or a pole that is sticking out of the ground. Many rules and variations of this game exist, but the primary objective is always to toss as many horseshoes around the pole as possible. If you want to play this game with your children, it might be a good idea to make lightweight horseshoes (out of PVC or aluminum). An average person will burn 200 calories for each hour of playing this sport.

Backyard bowling

This is one of the simplest recreational activities you can organize in your backyard. All you need is some empty plastic bottles, fill them with tap water and put the caps on. Set them up on a lane like in a bowling alley and start bowling!


This fun game was invented in Germany in the 14th century. The object is to throw a bag of corn into a hole placed at the farthest end of a raised board. Each time your bag goes through the hole in the board, you get 3 points. You also can earn 1 point by simply tossing your bag anywhere on the raised board. An average person can burn up to 180 calories an hour by playing this game. One more advantage of this game is that you don’t need other people to play it – if you happen to be alone, you can still have fun while burning calories.