Environment – why it is necessary to have fresh air
Posted on: 10/03/2017, by : Lili Kramer

Environmentalists have always encouraged people to make the air clean. Governments also keep encouraging practices that make the air cleaner. This is because they understand the dangers that communities are exposed to when they breathe contaminated air. Smoke from factories and engines, waste from households and businesses, and human action are just some of the factors that have led to dirty air.

The worst part of it is that it has led to the deaths of many people. Some of those close to the people who have lost because of this do not even know that is because of the air around them. Therefore, you should join every effort being made to clean the air. The following are some of the facts you should know about the environment – why it is necessary to breath fresh air.

Clean air is healthy for the lungs

fdgdfgdfgfdgdfgfghfghThe lungs are the entry point of air into the body. It is cleaned through a membrane where oxygen is allowed in, and bad air expelled. This means that if there are dirt particles in the air that we breathe, they will be deposited in the lungs. Things such as dust, smoke, pollen, and many others can become too dangerous after some time. If they are not reacting with the walls of the lungs to cause infections, they will block air from entering. This results in conditions such as difficulty in breathing, endless coughs, and other pulmonary infections. Worse cases will lead to lung cancer too.

It strengthens the immune system

When bad air is kept away, the immune system is made better. The immune system is the one that is responsible for fighting intruders that are likely to cause diseases. It fights bacteria, viruses, and many other agents of disease. However, there are times when it gets overwhelmed, and therefore, it becomes weak. When it is weak, you will be in danger of being attacked by deadly diseases. However, the good air that you breathe can help to rejuvenate it. This is the reason people who are terminally ill are usually put on oxygen machines to help them boost their chances of recovery.

It improves the heart rate and blood pressure

xcgfdgfdgdfrewrwerwerewrIf you have been experiencing a bad heart rate or abnormal blood pressure, it could just be because of the air that you breathe. Your flow of blood depends on the air that you breathe because it is the one that transports oxygen to various body organs. When the blood is deprived of oxygen, there is no doubt that your heart will beat abnormally, and pressure will go out the limits. When you start experiencing such programs, you may want to check the quality of air in your house, your office, or any other place that you frequent.

Making air cleaner is not a difficult task. Just start by taking the good of the environment around you. Keep it clean, plant trees, and make the world beautiful. You may want to also improve air inside buildings by buying an air purifier or just using an HVAC system that is better than what you have.