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Four common diseases caused by drinking untreated water

Worldwide, there are thousands of children who die each day from diseases caused by unsafe drinking water. A thousand more have no access to a drinkable supply of water. These are just a few of the realities that most people failed to see. These are just some of the unmentioned human tragedies that kill thousands of families each year. Such negligence on a modern world!

Ailments caused by dirty water

These facts are mostly hidden from the world. If not, this kind of news is lmcalsmlacmlcmsmasclamsclascascascascascusually ignored and taken for granted by people that are not directly involved with the deadly effects of contaminated and untreated drinking water. How can we make the change? How do we empathize with the low-income families suffering from the dreadful effect of ignorance and unfortunate circumstance of the inadequate supply of clean water? Education is the antidote. And we start learning about the four common diseases caused by drinking untreated water.


Amoebiasis takes the first spot as to widespread and frequent occurrence in many countries. Places with poor sanitation especially within the supply of drinking water would likely to suffer from the disease. The disease is carried by E. histolytic protozoan that is present in food or water contaminated by fecal matters which cause loose bowel movement with blood presence and even mucus. It is a preventable and treatable kind of disease with proper hygiene and enough knowledge about sanitation.


Second in place is Cholera which attacks the small intestines of our digestive system. Like amoebiasis, cholera’s symptoms also includes loose bowel movements with vomiting as an addition to the collection. Contaminated supply of drinking water is the primary cause for widespread as it goes from house to house. The infection can also be treated and prevented with proper handling and practice of cleanliness, especially with water sources.


Next on the list is Dysentery. It also affects dreadfully the intestines of the digestive system. The patient might experience stomach pains and frequent bowel movements. The more dangerous the pathogen that has infected the water source, the worse are the symptoms will become. This can also be preventable by ensuring cleanliness around the area of the water supply.


Last but not the least is Diarrhea. Evemlasmvlmsvdlmsdlmvsdmvlvdmlsmvlmvmsdvsdvsdvsdvry person might experience diarrhea even at least once in a lifetime. Even how ordinary it might sound but it is one of leading causes of death among children. With uncontrollable and frequent bowel movement, the patient might dehydrate himself and might cause premature death.

With the mentioned disease, they are all treatable and preventable with proper knowledge and awareness of practiced especially in the supply of drinking water.