Exercises That You Can Do Outside The Gym
Posted on: 05/30/2018, by : Lili Kramer

To live that active and fitness life does not mean that you have to live in the gym. Equipment is not the only way to achieve what you are looking for an exercise. There are so many possibilities that you can do whenever you are bored with the air-conditioned room and want to have some fresh air.


running girlNo matter how advanced technology gets, the treadmill can never compare with actual running that will give you more challenges. From the surrounding situations that you have to face to avoid falling and running people over, to the harsh climate that can be very hot in summer or very cold in the winter. Though this exercise is not for everyone, you should give it a try because running is one of the cheapest workouts that you can do because you do not have to pay any amount of money to run in the area and work every muscle that you have from head to toe.

Rock Climbing

Beginners might find rock climbing as intimidating, but the truth is not every activity will be extreme like the one that you sees on the television. There are smaller obstacles and rocks that you can climb to practice. Lifting the weight of your body and supporting it with your hands and legs above the ground is an all-in exercise that will make you sore for the next three days. A lot of celebrities in Hollywood loves this activity because you burn a whole lot of calories even in the shortest session because of how intense the sport is.


wandererIf you love outdoor but running or climbing rocks are not your thing, then you might love hiking where you are not rushed to finish but it is still challenging enough that you will regret your decision to hike that day when you reach your limit. Carrying heavy stuff and going up the hill can burn your heart pretty fast, so you should not underestimate this activity at all and know what you are signing up for before you join the hike.

Cardio at The Park

Many cardio moves do not require a gym because you can practically do it anywhere you want as long as it is appropriate to do so. Jumping jacks, scissors, mountain climb, crunch, and many others are just a few names of abs and full body workouts that you can do at the park. All you need is to bring a bottle of water and some friends if you do not want to be alone and start doing your reps.