Oakter Basic Smart Home Kit Review
Posted on: 09/18/2019, by : Lili Kramer
smart home kit

With our smart technology, all smart plugs will let you switch on and off using an application. Oakter is a company in the IoT Space that ensures you live a comfortable life. Most of its products are a little bit simple since it does not stretch too much. Also, the kit comes with a controller, a touch leaf, four plugs and a WiFi hub. You can search for all the details you need to know concerning Oakter smart home kit.

What is Oakter Smart Home Kit?

power distribution unitMaybe you have heard about it, but you do not know the work of this kit. The smart home kit enables you to control your existing home appliances through your smartphone. Therefore, with the Oakter Smart Home Kit, it becomes more comfortable and more flexible to manage or operate your electric devices. Many homeowners who consider using it, they save more energy which at times is overused.

What is in the Box?

The Oakter smart home kit comes in a sealed box. It comes with the hub, 16amp leaf plug for more significant devices and the 6amp leaf plug for smaller appliances. However, if you opt for a full smart home kit, it will have the features mentioned above and a 25amp air conditioner. With this kit, you will need an experienced electrician. Also, you will have to look for a wireless remote that will help you to control all the available devices that are paired with the hub.


It is crucial to understand that the hub is easy to set-up. After you have downloaded the Oakter app that is available for both Ios and Android, ensure that you choose to follow the given instructions for you to get started. Once the app is launched, make sure that you connect it to a network. On the screen, it will show the names of the connected devices. Now, you will have full control of the available appliances.


The Oakter Smart Home Kit might not be the best set of products, but it does a good job. However, if you want to purchase this kind of a product, it is up to you to come up with various ways to integrate the smart plugs into your home. By doing this, you can make your life better. But in simpler terms, using the Oakter Smart Home Kit is easy, and the app is intuitive and straightforward. There are notifications; this means that you will always be aware of everything that is happening with your devices.